Friday, 2 September 2016

Weekend reading and viewing: 3 - 4 September 2016

Kill-Off - trailer
Bus Stop Films, 31 August 2016
The official trailer for the short film Kill Off, starring Jamie Brewer, Abby Earl and Mandela Mathia. For more information, check out the Kill-Off website:
Synopsis: A woman with Down syndrome forms an unlikely friendship with a Sudanese refugee through their mutual love of KRUMP. Kill Off is a proof of concept for Bus Stop's first feature film, Baby Cat. A Bus Stop Films production made in association with Sydney Community College and the Flagstaff Group.
32 Years of Challenge Gets You Cake and Stuffies
Dave Hingsburger, Of Battered Aspect, 1 September 2016
... It's an important story, but as often happens her story and the story of her employment has been co opted to tell a different story, a story not about her at all ... The celebration of 32 years of gainful employment of someone with an intellectual disability is a celebration of 32 years of breaking stereotypes, of challenging bias, of demonstrating competence in the face of expectations of failure ...

People With Intellectual Disabilities: Where Are They?
Luca Badetti, Huffington Post (UK - blog), 25 August 2016
... Increased opportunities for inclusion and higher standards of care have been important developments for a greater (and longer) quality of life in persons with intellectual disabilities. The advocacy and disability pride movements have brought some of their voices to a higher level of public dialogue and political engagement. However, they still remain one of the most oppressed cultural minorities in the world. Often living at the margins of society, people with intellectual disabilities are facing rejection and structural segregation, abuse and bullying that might often go unreported, and, as recent political news points out, scorn from those that should care for their best interests ...

Adam moves out
A record of the process of Adam, a young man with autism moving into his own home, in the form of a blog and videos, funded as a RUN project, through My Choice Matters
John Stewart, Lateline (ABC TV), 1 September 2016
Walking through the halls of the University of Sydney, talking and laughing with their friends, Nalyn Sirivivatnanon and Henry Szaraz are just like any other students.

They are both participants in the Uni 2 Beyond program, which allows people with intellectual disabilities to attend classes on campus over a two-year period.

  • Replay of the segment is embedded  here 
  • Lateline 1 September 2016 on ABC iView until 15 September 2016

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