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Thursday, 5 February 2009

A Journey into Grand-Motherhood

"Nan P" is the first-time grandmother of a nearly one year old little boy, Cathal, who has Down syndrome. Her blog is for family, friends, and for other grandparents. She is located in Dublin, so some of us just might get to meet her in August, at the 10th World Down Syndrome Congress.

In her profile, published on A Journey into Grand-Motherhood, she says:

I was promoted to Grand-Motherhood on the 10th March 2008. Though I did accept the promotion with joy and even trepidation, nothing could prepare me for the reality of this important position:

  • Cathal is my first grand-child.
  • Cathal has Down syndrome.
  • Cathal has a dodgy heart.
  • Cathal is the new love in my life.
Grand-Parenthood should come with a big-lettered label: “WARNING: STRONG EMOTIONS INCLUDED” -- This blog is a record of my journey through this new step in life. I hope that it may be of help to other grand-parents, and any family member. I look forward to comments and feedback.

On 4th January she posted "Calling All Grandparents", about an event she has planned in Dublin - the introduction will resonate for many other grandparents.

We have been in touch by email, and Nan would be delighted to be contacted by other grandparents - an email link is available from the blog profile.

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