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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Library Thursdays: Interactive Reading Books

According to Sue Buckley and Gillian Bird of DownsEd UK (in their book Reading and Writing for infants with Down syndrome (0-5years)) "Teaching reading to teach talking is probably the single most effective intervention for helping children with Down syndrome overcome their learning difficulties." The book describes a method for teaching reading using the whole word method. In our library, there are other resources outlining similar methods such as Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome by Patricia Oelwein and the Down Syndrome Society of South Australia's Teaching Reading Part A. Most start with simple flashcards that you make and progress to simple books. DownsEd International have an online reading program available (See and Learn) and their Development in practice- Speech and language activities for preschool children with Down syndrome also includes reading activities.

New in this week to the library are some interactive books published by Greenhouse Publications. They use velcroed visuals to allow pre-reading matching activities, prompts
to aid reading and sentence construction
as well as teaching various concepts.
These resources can give you ideas on how to create your own reading materials.

Titles available are: I go to school, Things I do at home, Who's on first, and How do I feel?
To borrow any of these resources, just ask.

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