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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Library Thursdays: Windows into heaven: Stories celebrating Down syndrome

Windows into heaven: Stories celebrating Down syndrome by Stacy and Michelle Tetschner is another collection of stories by parents of people with Down syndrome. It is a small book and each story is fairly short, making it an easy book to just flick through and read bits. The authors include both mothers and fathers. The people they write about are all ages. The stories include ones by Jennifer Graf Groneberg and Tom Lambke, one about Johnny the Bagger, and one written by the mother of the boy with Down syndrome who impressed the judges on So You Think You Can Dance (see Patricia E. Bauer's blog entry). The writing varies from story to story. Some have religious or mystical overtones, but most do not. They are all positive stories and as with all books of this kind, some stories will inspire some families and those same stories may worry others but it is an easy read and if you have already heard about some of the people featured in the book, it gives interesting additional information.

Materials in our library related to stories in this book:

Roadmap to Holland by Jennifer Graf Groneberg

Johnny the Bagger DVD

I Just Am by Bryan and Tom Lambke

If you'd like to borrow Windows into Heaven or any of the other books, please email us.

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Amanda said...

These types of stories are great resources to help people such as teachers and early childhood educators see the positives and strengths of the children they may be working with. (I am a teacher educator)