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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Library Thursdays: The Year My Son and I were Born

When a child with Down syndrome is born (or prenatally diagnosed), every family has to adjust to an unexpected event. The journeys of each family are all different with many similarities. It is interesting and often helpful to read others' experiences to help with our own journey. Kathryn Lynard Soper felt this and edited a book, Gifts, of stories by mothers of children with Down syndrome, focusing on how their lives were enriched. Now she has written her own book of the first year of her son's life. Thomas was born 10 weeks early. Soper explores her feelings and how she tries to come to terms with having a child with Down syndrome and the extra issues arising form Thomas's early birth. She details her sometimes contradictory thoughts, her battle with depression and her reassessment of life, but she does it with honesty, humour and intelligence.

Soper talks about what helps her get through the year (surprisingly a turning point was watching The Teachings of Jon ) and her creation of Gifts (inspired by reading You Will Dream New Dreams). She examines many familiar experiences of parents of children with Down syndrome--other people's stereotypes, early intervention, making decisions without enough information, etc.

The book is easy to read. Reading about her life as a Mormon is interesting. And while the author examines her faith and the Mormon view of Down syndrome, it does not overshadow the other issues in the book. I think it is a great addition to the personal stories in the library.

To read more about Kathryn Soper, click here. (There is a nice montage on the Memoir page)

To borrow the book or any of the other resources mentioned, email us.

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