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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Literacy Week

It's Literacy Week this week. The library has many resources on reading and we have blogged before on some of these as well as some useful websites:

We have spoken often about the DownsEd Issues and Information series. Their Reading and Writing modules are all available to view online for free as well as available from our library if you'd prefer to borrow them.

Patricia Oelwein's Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome is a great practical guide to teaching reading.
The Down Syndrome Society of South Australia have produced Teaching Reading Part A, Teaching Prewriting Skills to the Child with Down syndrome, and a Literacy Record are also available in our library.

We also have A Good Read: Books for adult new readers compiled by Jane Cameron. This book gives a brief synopsis and review of various books that may appeal to adults wanting 'easy' leisure reading. The book is nearly 15 years old so it is limited in that way, but would still be useful as many would be available in libraries. Also it would provide ideas for the type of books to look out for.

Other useful websites:
See and Learn Language modules from DownsEd. First modules available free online.

Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County has some great resources available with their Learning Program. You need to register, but it is free.

Starfall is another great free program for learning to read. It is not specifically for people with Down Syndrome but it is very visual.

In addition to the learning to read books and websites available, there are also many children's books in our library that many can enjoy and use to improve their literacy just through reading.

To see the full list of children's books go to our website's library listings.

If you'd like to borrow any of these or anything else, please email us or call (02)9841 4410.

Happy Reading!

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