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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Volunteers - worth their weight in gold!

We are delighted to receive many enquiries each year from potential volunteers - some want to work with children and or adults with Down syndrome more directly and frequently than our activities require, and we point them to alternatives in the wider community.

Some people volunteer regularly in our ongoing programs - UP! Club, Up, Up and Away, in our office, and as we call on them as needed.

Others are available for one-ff or stand-alone events, and most of those events simply could not happen without a virtual army of volunteers to support them.

We have adopted the practice via Buddy Walk of offering yellow T shirts to volunteers at most activities, so that everyone can identify them , giving us a virtual "golden army" of support for DS NSW staff, Board members, members and attendees at events.
Of course we cannot repay them for their efforts and support - that is why they have volunteered, but we certainly do value them. Thank you all - we hope you will join us again!

Families' Weekend Volunteers, 2009

Buddy Walk - Australia, Sydney Volunteers, 2009

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