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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Library Thursdays: This year's children's books

Next week we'll look at what has been the most frequently borrowed books in the library, but since it's Christmas Eve today, a special time for children, I thought I'd focus on the new children's books this year. These include: More in the See and Sign series: Primary School, Baby Animals, Verbs, Pre-school (plus new editions of the previous titles), My sister, Alicia May, Nina Rose and her Dancing Prince, the interactive readers: How do I feel?, I go to school and Things I do at home, and Victoria Goes to Brazil. All are beautiful books and great to share with your children, their siblings, friends and classmates.

If you'd like to borrow any of these books or any others or have a recommendation for the library, just email or call us in the new year. Merry Christmas. Hope Santa brings you some lovely books this year for you and your children.

Click here to go to view the library lists of children's books in DSNSW's library.

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