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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Parents of disabled children rebel against suspensions

From page 1 of today's Sydney Morning Herald, a report about legal action being taken by NSW parents about the use/misuse of suspension policies when students have disabilities.  Readers are invited to submit their own experiences:

Parents of disabled students are taking the Education Department to court alleging discrimination, saying their children are being punished for their disability by being suspended from school.

One boy from Wagga Wagga, with a mild intellectual disability and emotional disorder, was suspended three times for a total of 80 days as an eight-year-old. He is now 10 and his mother last month filed a $50,000 damages claim against the department in the Federal Court.

His lawyer, Phillip French, the director of the NSW Disability Discrimination Legal Centre, said the boy was effectively ''left with no education at all, not even home schooling''.

 ... read more of Andrew Stevenson's article.

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