Friday, 10 February 2012

Website of the week: Visual Aids for Learning

This is a reminder of one of our favourite websites - we refer to it often ourselves, and refer others to it regularly. 

Most people with Down syndrome manage their environment and everyday activities better when they have adequate visual support for all aspects of communication. Visual supports can be simple and low tech, or high tech and complex, or an appropriate mix. Finding just the right image for many circumstances is made easier by the Visual Aids for Learning website, where the products are of excellent quality, produced here in NSW, and they are FREE! Jennine and Wayne Addison are the parents of a son with Down syndrome, and are making a generous and substantial contribution to the Down syndrome community through Visual Aids for Learning.

Visual Aids for Learning has created downloadable visuals to help people learn everyday activities. The images are ideal for children, particularly those with learning difficulties. Where appropriate, the images are gender specific. Each pack is in Printable Document Format (PDF) and must be read by Adobe PDF Reader (Version 6.0 or later)

In addition to providing images, the site includes advice about how to use the images - for example, detailed advice about how the 'sequences' can be implemented to provide individualised support, and an online help feature is provided. Gender and age-specific images are provided when appropriate. The images are available at various sizes, and are organised by topic as complete packs, sequences, and as individual images:

Complete Packs
The Complete School Pack
The Complete Early Childhood Pack
The Complete Adolescent Pack
The Complete Home Pack
The Complete Toilet Training Pack

Bus Travel
Swimming (Girl)
Hair Cut
Toilet Training

Hand Washing
Morning Routine 
Night Routine
Bath Routine 

Various individual visuals in a range of sizes
Emotions - A range of facial expressions.
Food - Common foods
School - School activities and behaviour
Behaviour - Gender specific behaviour visuals
Toilet Training

You can subscribe to an online newsletter for notification of  new releases.

If you are a parent, pass this link on to your school or service provider - it could become the single most useful resource they could use to support your son or daughter. If you are a professional, pass it on to your client's family - it could become the single most useful resource they could use to support their son or daughter.

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