Saturday, 3 November 2012

Weekend reading and viewing 3rd - 4th November

National Disability Insurance Scheme: Eligibility and reasonable and necessary supports consultation –Down Syndrome Australia response, DSA DBrief #1, October 2012

Gonski Fact Sheet: Questions and Answers, I Give a Gonski. Want to know more about the Gonski school funding review? I Give a Gonski is the Australian Education Union's campaign for implementation of the recommendations of the Gonksi Review.

Prenatal test raises ethical concerns
, Editorial, Japan Times, 30th October 2012
Angela Lombardo's 31 Posts for Down Syndrome Awareness Month Down Syndrome Program at Boston Children's Hopsital Feacebook Page, 1st - 31st October 2012.  We flagged these in our first DS Awareness Week post, but thought a reminder was in order now that the series is complete. Each post is marked # (1 - 31). We hope they might reappear as a downloadable collection.

Coor Down Integration Day A very classy Italian  TV advertising campaign from World Down Syndrome Day 2012.

Just Like You  - Down syndrome (videoDown Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City and Just Like You, an organisation that '...makes films to answer kids' questions about unique circumstances.' October 2012. Now available on DVD and online.

Don't DIS myAbilty 2012 - Brenton  31st October 2012. NSW Don't DIS my ABILITY 2012 ambassador Brenton Ashford-Potter talks about his position as coach and trainer for the Bushrangers footy team and the importance of community. And his local regional newspaper, The Illawarra Mercury has published a feature about Brenton today, along with a series of very happy photos.

Pixel Perfect The Scientist, 1st October 2012.Winner and runners-up in the Labby Multimedia Awards 2012.   Scroll down to the image headed 'Hippocampus' in the Runners Up category -  an image of the hippocampus (a region of the brain) of a mouse model of Down syndrome, produced by Ahmad Salehi,  Stanford Medical School. Salehi has found that in Down syndrome mice, a region of the hippocampus that plays a significant role in contextual learning, shrinks over time.

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