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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Numicon workshops: July, Rooty Hill

NumiconA multi-sensory approach to arithmetic teaching that uses patterns that are structured to encourage the understanding of number and number relationships. (Down Syndrome Education International)

Oxford University Press Australia is advertising professional development training in Numicon, a method of teaching maths, in Sydney on 29th July. Two sessions are scheduled at the same venue:
Introduction to the Numicon Approach: Transform the way students understand mathematics 
This session is a full-day session for educators and leaders of students from K-3 and those students experiencing difficulties with mathematics.
Introduction to the Numicon Approach: Transform the way children see numberThis 2-hour will focus on the Introduction of the play-based Numicon approach in the pre-school and childcare setting.
Monday, 29 July 2013 
Rooty Hill, NSW 2776
Registration closes Monday, 22 July
Information about the effectiveness using Numicon to teach maths to children with Down syndrome is available from Down Syndrome Education International:

Tony Wing and Romey Tacon, Teaching number skills and concepts with Numicon materials. Down Syndrome Research and Practice. 2007;12(1);22-26.

Joanna Nye, Sue Buckley and Gillian Bird, Evaluating the Numicon system as a tool for teaching number skills to children with Down syndrome, Down Syndrome News and Update, 2005; 5(1), 2-13

For further information from the Down Syndrome Education International website, just enter 'Numicon' into the search box.

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