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Monday, 3 June 2013

Supported Living Fund Round 3 - applications opening 24th June 2013

Down Syndrome NSW will be holding member workshops on the Supported Living Fund in the coming months prior to the closing date for applications. The following information has just been released by NSW Family and Community Services (Ageing, Disability and Home Care):

The Supported Living Fund - Round 3

Round 3 (final round) of the Supported Living Fund (SLF) will be open for applications between Monday 24 June and Friday 30 August 2013.

Please read the important information below. This will help you notify and support individuals, families, carers, and staff in your organisation and networks to understand and work through the SLF application process.

100 SLF packages in 2013/14
100 packages will be allocated for Round 3 of the SLF. All applicants will be notified about the outcome by October 2013.

Timelines for SLF Round 3 intake process
Application process
As with all previous rounds, the SLF Proposal (My Proposal) is the only official application form for Round 3. Regional SLF Assessment Panels will use the information contained in Proposal Forms to assess and prioritise all SLF applicants. No other correspondence or supporting documentation will be taken into account and should not be submitted.

ADHC will be accepting applications from new applicants and people who were unsuccessful in their application for the Supported Living Fund in Round 1 and 2.

Electronic and printed versions of the My Proposal form can be accessed from the ADHC website here.

Applicants are encouraged to read all the SLF information which is available on the ADHC website at the link above. This will help them decide if the SLF is right for them and if they are interested in applying for SLF funding.

Should applicants have questions about completing the Proposal Form, they can contact Carers NSW on 1800 242 636 during the application period.

Closing date – Friday 30 August 2013

Round 3 Proposals will be accepted until:
5pm Friday 30 August 2013 for printed forms (postal submission), and
midnight 30 August 2013 for electronic forms (email submission).
Please see Proposal Form for detailed instructions. Applications will NOT be accepted by fax.

Carers NSW SLF information sessionsJuly/August 2013
The roll out of Supported Living Fund packages will again be complemented by information sessions for people with disability, their families and carers, as well as interested service providers, between July and August 2013. 

Carers NSW will deliver the information sessions and a flyer will be distributed via the service provider portal and will also be available on the ADHC website.

While these workshops are not compulsory, we encourage people with disability, their families and carers to attend where possible to learn more about the fund and how to apply.

SLF Rounds 1 and 2 unsuccessful applicants
All previous unsuccessful applicants will have the option to reapply by completing and submitting a Round 3 My Proposal form.

Previous applications will not be considered.

SLF service provider list
A list of approved SLF intermediary service providers (fund holders) is available on the ADHC website link above.

SLF Guidelines and fact sheets

SLF Guidelines and key policy documents, including fact sheets with specific examples of SLF policy areas are updated and added to regularly.

These will benefit new applicants, current SLF recipients and support workers, and are currently available on the ADHC website link above.

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Reminder: Family Advocacy has a webinar on the concept of Supported Living scheduled for Friday 14th June 2013 - details here.

Visit the Family Advocacy website for further resources on supported living.

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