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Friday, 5 September 2014

Berlin memorial unveiled

Nearly 70 years after the end of World War II, a new memorial has been unveiled in Germany. These two news reports include photos of the memorial:

Nazi disabled victims memorial unveiled in Berlin
BBC News (UK), 2nd September 2014
A glass monument has been publicly opened in Berlin to 300,000 victims of the Nazis with mental and physical disabilities or chronic illnesses. The 24m-long (80ft) blue, glass wall is in front of the Berlin Philharmonie building, where the office housing the Nazi "euthanasia" programme once stood. It is the fourth monument in the German capital to victims of the Nazis ...

Monument Seeks to End Silence on Killings of the Disabled by the Nazis
Melissa Eddy, The New York Times, 2nd September 2014
The first to be singled out for systematic murder by the Nazis were the mentally ill and intellectually disabled. By the end of World War II, an estimated 300,000 of them had been gassed or starved, their fates hidden by phony death certificates and then largely overlooked among the many atrocities that were to be perpetrated in Nazi Germany in the years to follow.

Now, they are among the last to have their suffering publicly acknowledged. On Tuesday, the victims of the direct medical killings by the Nazis were given their own memorial in the heart of Berlin ...

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Fiona Place said...

Wonderful - a very important issue that has been ignored for too long