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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Down syndrome awareness ... and beyond (1)

Officially in Australia we celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Week, during the third week of October.  It often spills over into the days before and after the official week, helped along by our increasingly global connections via social media, as the US marks Down Syndrome Awareness Month throughout October - maybe we should just regard part or all of October as "Down Syndrome Awareness Time".  In any case, during this time, a great deal of good, thoughtful writing, many beautiful images and videos, and any means of communicating a message, emerges around the world, and we will highlight some of the best of it here, over the next couple of weeks or so ...

Caleb lives with his  family on the south coast 
of NSW, and he intends to make the most of October!

Down Syndrome Awareness
Garden of My Heart, 1st October 2014
... This month, social media will be flooded with extra pictures of people with Ds and many will choose to share facts and figures. That is good, but I’m craving something more this year. The internet links families and individuals with Ds in very powerful ways, and as I’ve said on this blog in the past, it’s time to harness that voice and move past the awareness script our community seems to be stuck repeating ...

One of the most important things to share during Down Syndrome Awareness Month
Sipping Lemonade, 3rd October 2014
... This moment, like so many moments, is just a reminder that much of the sadness I felt those first days after Kate was born was based on unfounded fears. I grieved the little things that I thought I had lost — when in reality, our family has gained all of that and more ...
Meriah Nichols, Huffington Post (blog), 1st October 2014
October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month here in the United States. I'm personally not out to promote awareness anymore, because we are there already. We are aware.

Family raised daughter with Down syndrome before aid was available
Michael Reschke, Herald-Times Online, 6th October 2014
It’s hard to say how the decisions you make today will shape tomorrow, but at 83, Tim Hines has had some time to think about his ... “We had both been raised to deal with what was there, which is a blessing by itself,” he said. “We, it just never entered our minds that we would do anything other than try to bring her along.”

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