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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Down syndrome awareness ... and beyond (6)

A few words from and about siblings ...

Ellen Stumbo, Finding Beauty in My Brokenness, 14th October 2014
Today I have the great pleasure and honor to share with you a guest post by my oldest daughter (at eight years old). It is Down syndrome awareness month, and she’s talking about what it’s like for her to have a sister with Down syndrome. I’m telling you, it’s a great post ...

Kelle Hampton, Enjoying the Small Things, 8th October 2014... I've heard a lot of special needs sibling stories--most of them inspiring and grateful but yes, disheartening ones too. When thinking about the future and what these three will share, I try not to focus on specific dreams but on the big picture. What do I want for them? What do I love most about my relationships with my brother and sister? ...
Beautiful in his time, 5th October 2014
Today, I asked a childhood friend, Alyssa, to share her perspective of the sister of a brother with Down syndrome ...

A boy, his sister and Down syndrome
Randi Gillespie, Chicago Tribune, 30th September 2014
All he wanted to do was to have her play by his rules. Provoked, Liam shouted at Maddy: "I wish you did not have Down syndrome." Yep, he said it ...

Karley is an early bird ... she sometimes cooks breakfast for her sister
who likes to sleep in. Good morning, Sarah - surprise, surprise!
This week Karley is not cooking breakfast though - she is representing
NSW in aquatics at the Special Olympics National Games in
Melbourne! Good luck Karley. Thank you for the photo.


Aprille @ said...

Thank you so much for linking to a post from my blog! It's much appreciated!

Madeleine Ellis said...

I love your story sharing. Always great to hear about the lives of those with down syndrome!

Madeleine Ellis said...

Always love to hear about the lives of those with down syndrome. Stories can be so hidden and hard to find.