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Friday, 3 October 2014

Weekend reading and viewing: 4th - 5th October 2014

It's their loss, 
Leticia Keighley, Embracing Wade, 30th September 2014
... I don’t set out of my house on a “hearts and minds” mission every time I go shopping but if the opportunity arises, I like to take advantage of it. So, even though I know I shouldn’t, I can’t help feeling a little disappointed when Wade doesn’t act like Wade when I want him to ...

Why I Let My Daughter Rearrange the Chairs in the Waiting Room
Samantha Gill, The Mighty, 28th September 2014
... the little boy came up to me and shook my hand and hugged me and started getting very emotional and talking very fast. The mom became very embarrassed and started to apologize. I was so confused —not because of what the boy was doing but what the mom was doing. Why was she apologizing to me? We are at the behavioral doctor’s office. Was she so conditioned to apologize that she forgot? ...

When a pair of jeans can change a life
Laura Hampson, Mama Mia, 28th September 2014
... Karen’s daughter then challenged her to create a range that would cater to the specific needs of an individual with Down Syndrome; a challenge she relished ...

Lisa Eicher, Huffington Post, 26th September 2014
I can't count the number of times I have been told that Archie "hardly even looks like he has Down syndrome." ... But here's the thing: Telling me that my child who has Down syndrome doesn't look like he has it "that much," or in whatever arrangement of words one can phrase that thought, is not a compliment ...

I Won't Let My Daughter With Down Syndrome Be Defined By A 'List'
Deanna Smith, Huffington Post (blog), 25th September 2014
When my daughter was diagnosed with Down syndrome, I was given a list. A list of potential features and problems to expect. This list is cold, emotionless and almost comes across as grotesque if you are reading it with fear already in your heart ... It's as if someone was told to describe Christmas and they said that it might include an evergreen tree and cold weather ...

All Down's people deserve dignity
Peter Scott, The Scotsman, 25th September 2014
Insensitivity, ignorance and then bac­ktracking does precious little to help people in our society with learning difficulties ...

Shawn Burns, World News Publishing Focus, 8th September 2014
Partnerships between advocacy groups and the mainstream media are a hallmark of the rise of Advocacy Journalism as a conduit for meaningful social change. And some of the most prominent collaborations seeking to facilitate self-representation for minorities have involved people with disability (PWD). However, as Shawn Burns reports, there's still much work for editors and journalists to do in this area. 
(This link was also posted in People with Down syndrome in the media on 30th September 2014)

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