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Friday, 14 November 2014

Weekend reading and viewing: 15th - 16th November 2014

Down Syndrome Australia has some brilliant photos and results on its Facebook page from the 7th World Down Syndrome Swimming Championship in Mexico, that wraps up 15th November. Send one last Herogram, via Down Syndrome Swimming Australia.

It’s not the 60s anymore…it’s time to update the advice given to parents about Down syndrome
Leticia Keighley, Embracing Wade, 13th November 2014
... It’s not ok to tell parents that their child will never walk, talk or learn anything. Mainly because we know it is not true for the vast majority of people with Down syndrome, but also because it’s not ok to set parents on this path with dangerously low expectations of what their kids are capable of. No one can guarantee any child’s future but they have a much better shot at a bright one if people invest in and nurture their talents instead of expecting absolutely nothing from them from the day they are born ...

Thinking about College - We can do this
David Perry, How Did We Get Into This Mess? 11th November 2014
I am a college professor. We have a college savings fund for my daughter, principally funded by parents so far, though we're beginning to be able to contribute too. We do not have a college savings fund for my son, because he has Down syndrome, and we never thought that college was a reasonable option. We were wrong ...

Seeing the light: One mother’s story of raising a child with Down syndrome
Melinda Carstensen, Fox News, 6th November 2014
... The biggest lesson LeVeque has learned from her son is to accept others for who they are— and to not try to change them, rework them, or fix them ...

Sam & Mattie's Teen Zombie Movie + Making-Of Documentary!
Two young men with Down syndrome are planning to make a movie, and are using social media to organise funding and support - they have passed their minimum fundraising totla, but you can still pledge support over the next five days.

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