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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Further commentary on the McClure Report into welfare refom

More peak body responses to the McClure report on welfare reform, and some individual responses. Our earlier posts on the final report are here and here:
McClure report on welfare reform released - Down Syndrome Australia, 26th February 2015 
Summary of the Final Report into the Review of Australia's Welfare System - Carers Australia, 3rd March 2015 
Jobs and a strong social security system - National Welfare Rights Network, 26 February 2015 
Summary of Welfare Reform Report - Australian Council of Social Services - Policy Snapshot, 2nd March 2015 
McClure Report - An Easy Way Out on Disability - Trisha Malowney, ProBono Australia News, 3rd March 2015
Upgrading our debate on disability, welfare and jobs - Craig Wallace, On the Record, 28th February 2015 
Boss attitudes are a handicap, not changes to welfare - Clair Morton, The Daily Examiner (Grafton), 27th February 2015

Like meat through a mincer, the changes to welfare
- The Daily Examiner, 27th February 2015

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