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I Don’t Want To Read Books That Treat Disability As A Tragedy
Anne Susiak, Huffington Post, 2 February 2017
My twin brother, Jack, has cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and epilepsy, and although I hardly ever came across disabled characters in fiction I never came across witches and wizards in real life, either ...

The Label, Caroline White, illustrated by Sandra Isaksson, Ivy Press, 2016
Being a new parent is nerve-jangling enough as it is, but what happens if your baby is not what you were expecting? How do you deal with the conflicting feelings, a heart assailed by overwhelming love and overwhelming fear, guilt and anxiety as your expectations are rerouted? This happened to Caroline White. So she pulled together her contrary emotions - the good, the bad and the ugly - and spun them into a poignant and uplifting fable, an inspiration for all new parents who find themselves stumbling along an unfamiliar and unanticipated path. Written with great honesty and love, The Label is anchored by a simple yet powerful central image, a metaphor for all that is limiting and prescriptive, and explores what happens when you let the label go and watch as your child blossoms into their best life untroubled by negative expectations ... publisher's note.
  • Caroline White's blog post at Force of Nature - the book was released on 29 December 2016.

We posted about this new book here when it was published a few months ago, and  and here with a link to a radio interview. This link is to a recent newspaper interview with Michael and Jamie Bérubé:
Father tells the next chapter in son’s storyFrank Ready, Centre Daily News, 27 January 2017
... “Life as Jamie Knows It” addresses growing up in all of its complexities, from the natural evolution of family dynamics to the limited work scape that’s awaiting people with intellectual disabilities. 
It’s great pitch material — but not particularly commercial ... 
“This was a harder sell because when you’re dealing with intellectual disabilities, people would rather hear about kids than adults,” Michael said ...

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