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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Education matters

Cathy Molitoris, Lancaster Online, 18 February 2017
... Students in the Career and Life Studies program are part of person-centered planning to identify the hopes and dreams of each student, Bechtel says.

“This is a very significant experience for the student and their family/friends because many students have never been asked about their hopes and dreams,” Bechtel says. “In K-12, much of their day and life have been planned out and structured according to an IEP (Individualized Education Program) outlining the services and paid supports available for a student. Thinking about college and their future career was not on their radar until the barriers to access came tumbling down with the creation of post-secondary education programs.” ...

Students with a disability face massive funding shortfall, Education Council figures suggestNorman Hermant, ABC AM, 16 February 2017
Students with a disability face an enormous funding gap in Australian schools, new figures from the Productivity Commission and the Education Council appear to have shown ...

A principal’s role in promoting inclusive education
Brett Henebery, The Educator, 13 February 2017
Research has shown that when included in the mainstream school system, children with a disability thrive in their learning.

This practice is called inclusive education, which is defined as education free from discriminatory beliefs, attitudes and practices, including free from ableism. Inclusive education requires putting inclusive values into action to ensure all children and adults belong, participate and flourish ...
Global Down Syndrome Foundation, February 2017
It is at this time of the year, that I tend to find families entering into more challenging conversations with their school teams regarding instruction, growth and next steps for their child. Here are a few tips to help with these courageous conversations ...

'Not just a nice idea': The importance of inclusion in and beyond the classroom
Anna Delaney, CBC News, 11 February 2017
.. Pam Anstey, the executive director of the Newfoundland and Labrador Association for Community Living, says she believes strongly in the benefits of an inclusive classroom.

"Inclusive education works. It's been proven over and over and over again," she said. "It is the best system to create and foster diversity and belonging." ...

Our Top 10 Free Resources for Inclusive Schools Week 
Brookes Publishing, 6 December 2016
Over the past few years we’ve built up a big collection of free resources on inclusive education, and this seemed like a great time for a top-10 list ... webinars, book excerpts, printables, and articles on some of the most important topics in inclusive education. Bookmark this post to keep these resources at your fingertips, and share them with your colleagues who work toward a fair and equitable education for all students ...

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