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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Library Thursdays: Love you to pieces

New to the library this week is a book not strictly specific to Down syndrome, but definitely of interest. Love You to Pieces, edited by Suzanne Kamata, published by Beacon Press, Boston, 2008, is a collection of stories written by writers about caring for their children with special needs.
Michael Berube (who wrote Life as We Know It ) contributes 3 stories in "Great Expectations" about his son, Jamie, who has Down syndrome, and the assumptions, expectations and realities of his academic abilities and thought processes. Although Berube's is the only contribution about a person with Down syndrome, all the pieces are well written and most involve experiences to which a parent of a child with Down syndrome can strongly relate, be it communication difficulties, views of others, friends' attitudes, dealings with social workers or therapy sessions.
The writing is nice to read and being a collection of stories, it is easy to just dip into when you have a moment to read.
To borrow this book or anything else from the library, click here.

By the way, Michael Berube has a blog which occasionally talks about Jamie amongst other things. One interesting blog was about Peter Singer and had a follow up to this here.

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