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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Library Thursdays: Blueberry Shoes DVDs

The cold darkness of the winter solstice this week drew me to the DVD section of the library. It's a perfect time to settle down to a good film. We have great documentaries and fictional stories as well as informational ones. Next week we'll look at the stories but this week I'd like to remind you of the useful, educating and inspirational Blueberry Shoes series that Will Schermerhorn has done. The First 18 Months is well known by most new parents as the first thing suggested to be borrowed. It gives a view into babies with Down syndrome's development from birth to walking. You may want to revisit this film once the early months are past. Arabic, Chinese & Vietnamese translations are due out this month.
The next in the series is Discovery: Pathways to better speech for children with Down syndrome. Some of the chapters are available to view online.
Kids with Down syndrome: staying healthy and making friends includes information on toilet training, behaviour, sleep problems, hearing issues and other health and social topics.
What Did You Say?: A guide to speech intelligibility in people with Down syndrome is another Blueberry Shoes production. This features Libby Kumin discussing the factors that affect speech.

Will Schermerhorn has also created the wonderful Respect public service announcement which we have linked on the right on this blog.

He also has a link on his site to Sue Buckley's lectures done at for the Down Syndrome Association of West Virginia. Not all segments are available yet but there is an interesting question and answer segment that discusses special education and how to make inclusion work as well as other things. Notes from the sessions are also available to download.

Sue Buckley is currently giving many of the Down Syndrome Education International web seminars and online advice sessions. There is a special on the sessions until the end of June to buy one get one free. Also on sale until the end of June are the See and Learn kits and many of the DownsEd books and DVDs. The recordings of their free research briefings that have already taken place can be accessed from their Web events site. You need to click on "Event Recordings" under "Attend an event" on the left. The next live research briefing (on a study on interventions to improve thinking and problem solving skills) is on the 7th of July (9:30am BST, 6:30pm AEST (Sydney)) To register, click here.

If you'd like to borrow any of the Blueberry Shoes DVDs or anything else, just email or call.

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