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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Library Thursdays: Puberty and Special Girls

Puberty and Special Girls by Rose Stewart, Heather Anderson & Fay Angelo, 2009, is the authors' second book for girls with special needs. Special Girls' Business is known as THE book for explaining how to manage periods for girls with Down syndrome and other special needs. Puberty and Special Girls has a section on managing menstruation, but it also covers all aspects of puberty--body changes, hygiene, feelings, and sexuality. Illustrator Jeff Taylor has made the pictures a little more contemporary than in Special Girls' Business which may appeal more to that age group.

I think all the books by these authors are outstanding. If you just want a simple book on initially managing periods, I would look at Special Girls' Business. However, Puberty and Special Girls covers so much more that if I was only going to read one book, this would be the one although I can see that some might find it a bit too much information.

If you'd like to borrow Puberty and Special Girls or Special Girls' Business or any other resources in the library, just call or email.

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