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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Weekend reading and viewing 27th - 28th April 2013

Waiting for a snowflake to land on my tongue,
Jennifer Crowson. Down Syndrome Research Foundation blog, 19th April 2013
One of the first things I read when learning about having a child with Down syndrome was that he will do everything other children do, it will just take him longer. This was fine, or so I thought …
IHC, 11th April 2013
Janet Dixon recently completed her thesis for her Masters of Education degree (Otago University, New Zealand).  The purpose of this study was to report on the experiences of siblings which have traditionally not been heard. She will be speaking about her work in Wellington. NZ  Amy Baskin

Down Syndrome Association of San Diego, 23rd April 2013
Siblings of people with Down Syndrome talk about their experiences with their brothers and sisters. 7m 35s

10 things teachers should know about Down syndrome
Gillian Marchenko, 25th April 2013
I had two successful parent/teacher conferences this week for my girls with Down syndrome. They are thriving in their school settings! (Their) class settings are perfect for them, although vastly different from one another ... it all comes down to the teacher in the classroom. Teachers can make or break the experience for the child, for the family, for the classroom, and for the whole school, especially when it comes to children with Down syndrome.

Catalyst Dance Masterclass Series 2012
Accessible Arts, released 17th April 2013
The Catalyst Dance Masterclass Series is an extraordinary celebration of inclusive dance practice. In 2012 performers and choreographers from across NSW gathered at Sydney's Carriageworks (Sydney) for a series of developmental workshops. (You might well see someone you know.)

Insight: What's Best for the Child 
SBS One (watch online) first screened Tuesday 23rd April 2013
Discusses how an intellectual disability may affect a parent’s capacity to raise a child. 52m 44s. Link to transcript provided.

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