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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Weekend reading viewing: 14th - 15th December 2013

No Visible Strings
Kate Trump O’Connor, Down Syndrome-Autism Connection, 12th December 2013
... Autism demands adjustments, even for cherished traditions. And so we have learned to snap a few photos, to let him give Santa a quick high five, to mix in some old favorites in the pile under the tree ....

Seeing Stars - John C McGinley
Reign Magazine, Holiday 2013
Interview with John C. McGinley, actor, father of 16 year old Max (who has Down syndrome), advocate and Global Down Syndrome Foundation board member.

Happy Tears: Why I Believe in My Daughter
Amy Julia Becker, Thin Places, 10th December 2013 
I kneel down. Penny and William are both in front of me on the couch. Both look a little puzzled by my tears. I clasp their hands. “Happy tears. Happy tears,” I say ...

How I Told My 7-Year-Old Son He Has Down Syndrome
Kari Wagner-Peck, Huffington Post, 11th December 2013
... I am feeling my way here in a world that does not provide a manual for how you tell your kid they have Down syndrome ...

Telling Finn He Has Down Syndrome
Lisa Moreguess, Life asI know it, 11th December 2013
... Five years into this, I realize now that my earlier visions of a Big Serious Talk with Finn about his having Down syndrome were silly. It’s very unlikely that that’s how he’s going to learn that he has Down syndrome. What I imagine is far more likely is just that, over time, he will absorb the fact that he has Down syndrome merely by virtue of the fact that we don’t tiptoe around it ... We will answer his questions as they come up, but I can’t imagine some Big Announcement. It will happen organically ...

Breaking the Silence - Today History is Made
Dave Hingsburger, Rolling Around in my Head, 9th December 2013
... Today, in Ontario, for the first time, in any jurisdiction in the world, a government leader, the Premier of the province, will apologize to people with intellectual disabilities for the conditions in the institutions and for the lives that they had to live there. It will be an acknowledgement of a historical wrong. It will also be a very public acknowledgement that those with intellectual disabilities are a 'people' who have their own history, their own political concerns, and their own identity as a minority that suffers prejudice ...

Editorial, Newcastle Herald, 8th December 2013
... On all of its levels, the Newcastle Special Olympics was a resounding success. We can all take pride in its achievements.

United Nations Human Rights Day - Speech to the 2013 ACT Human Rights Day Panel convened by the United Nations Association of Australia
Craig Wallace, On the Record, 10th December 2013
... if we get it right then we will unlock the “exciting and brilliant” future for children with disability that President Mandela imagined eighteen years ago.

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