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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Keep the music playing ...

"They all love music!" ... a stereotype, a cliche, likely to set the teeth of many parents of children with Down syndrome on edge. It often comes across as a well meant platitude, ignoring that just about everyone, no matter how many chromosomes they have, or their age, enjoys music of some kind. Perhaps most people with Down syndrome are simply less inhibited than some of us about their enjoyment.

However, Music and Memory, brought to our attention by the good people at The Successful Ageing in Intellectual Disability Study (UNSW) via their Facebook page, might be of great interest to those caring for older people with Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease. We know that Alzheimer's can occur earlier in people with Down syndrome than amongst the general population.  A key aspect of  the success of Music and Memory is that the music chosen for each person's iPod needs to be carefully selected to match the music they have responded to in their younger years. A good reason to take note, and keep a record.

Music and Memory is not specifically designed for, nor based upon the needs of people with Down syndrome, but those with Alzheimer's disease - sometimes at quite an advanced stage.
Do take the time to scroll down to the 'Alive Inside' 6 minute video excerpt, and watch all the way through, even if it is not a current problem for your loved one with Down syndrome - what you will see is remarkable.

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