Thursday, 27 February 2014

Resources: a new book, and more on key word sign

Stand up for those with Down syndrome
Regina Brett,, 22nd February 2014
Like any new dad, Rob Snow couldn't wait to show off his beautiful, new, baby boy. But when people realized Henry had Down syndrome, their faces fell and they said the words Rob would come to dread: "I'm so sorry."

The look of sadness and sympathy on their faces made him want to scream. Instead, he wrote a book called, What I Should Have Said ...

What does it matter what signs I use?
In her latest blog post in her series about apps for key word and Auslan signing, Aileen Ryan gives very useful background information on choosing a sign system that best suits your purpose. This post will lead into the next one, in which Aileen will review the app Baby Sign and Learn. Scroll back through recent posts for others in this series, beginning in January.

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