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Thursday, 18 June 2015


Open Future Learning video clips
Open Future Learning provides training for support staff who work with people with intellectual disability, via online modules.  Video clips are posted on Facebook, from time to time - short outtakes from the learning modules, giving a taste of the content, and often providing short, sharp lessons in their own right. The contributors are well known and highly regarded professionals. Come over to my side of the bridge, with Judith North, is an excellent, thought provoking example, posted earlier today.

The essential guide to health care for adults with Down syndrome (2nd edition)
Vee Prasher and Anisha Prasher, British Institute of Learning Disabilities, 2014
A practical guide for professionals, support workers and family members on the health care needs of adults with Down syndrome.

There is a need for a book giving straightforward, practical information on specific health issues that an adult with Down syndrome may experience during his or her lifetime. This book aims to meet that need.

The book deals with both minor and more serious health problems, their possible causes and how they can be prevented and treated. It aims to improve awareness of the most important physical and psychological issues experienced by adults with Down syndrome. 
Considerably revised second edition. Publishers' note.
To borrow this book, Down Syndrome NSW members can contact Jo in the library via email

Staying Safe on Social Media and Online
A free-to-download guide including tips for people with learning disabilities on how to stay safe in social media and online, published by the Foundation for Learning Disabilities (UK), 2014.

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