Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Education matters: new resources and calls for investigations of abuse

The first two of these links are to newly released resources, but both the IncludED section of the Starting with Julius website, and the SWIFT You Tube channel are good sources of many others, and well worth book-marking. The last two highlight ongoing calls for investigation into incidents of abuse of disabled students in Australian schools - this too is confronting (see previous post), but a current matter of real concern:

Making the 'big idea' achievable: including all students in the same curriculum - practial tips for teachers (N0 4, Part B)
Robert Jackson and Catia Malaquias, Starting with Julius, July 2016
This is the Part B of the fourth article in a series of short articles aimed at providing practical tips for teachers to improve the inclusiveness of their general education classrooms. You can read the earlier articles at SWJ IncludED and their respective titles and weblinks are also listed at the end of this article ...

Together, and Whatever it Takes
Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT), University of Kansas, 23 July 2016
Two new, free documentary films showing inclusive education in action at schools in Maryland, Mississippi and Oregon. These two films are available on the SWIFT Youtube Channel for unlimited distribution and screening. 

Call for UN to investigate treatment of disabled students (audio file 10m 53s)
Jonathon Green, Radio National Drive (ABC radio), 21 July 2016 6:15PM
A group of disability organisations has asked the United Nations to investigated dozens of incidents in which children were allegedly assaulted, locked-up and restrained in Australian schools.

The harrowing cases were collected by six groups including Autistic Family Collective, Children and Young People with Disability Australia, United Voices for People with Disabilities and disability advocate Julie Phillips.

But what exactly can the UN do, and have all domestic options been exhausted?

UN asked to probe ‘school system in crisis’Robert Ballantyne, The Educator 25 July 2016
The United Nations has been asked to investigate dozens of incidents involving assault against children with a disability in Australian schools ...

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