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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Recent writing on advocacy and inclusion

Advocacy, Inclusion And Diversity: An Evening With Jamie Brewer
Bus Stop Films, 3 June 2016
Excitement buzzed on the night of May 25th, as Bus Stop Films along with AFTRS and Screen NSW prepared for a night of rich discussion surrounding inclusion and diversity both in front of the camera and behind it ...

As someone with learning disabilities, I believe we need a say in the services we useGary Bourlet, The Guardian, 15 June 2016
This week sees the launch of Learning Disability England, a new organisation that aims to strengthen the voice of people with learning disabilities in politics, policy-making and service provision. People with learning disabilities and their families will be directly involved in how the new organisation is run and what it decides to do ...

Greens Commit Funding For Royal Commission Into Disability Abuse
Luke Cooper, Huffington Post, 23 June 2016
The Greens will push for $400m to fund a Royal Commission into the abuse and neglect of people with a disability in institutional and residential settings such as group homes, after an inquiry was told of widespread abuse ...

Disabled people are frustrated at being denied the chance to work Katherine Quarmby, The Guardian, 23 June 2016
Why are so few disabled people employed, compared with non-disabled people? How should governments and employers close the so-called disability employment gap? These are thorny issues ...

Value revealed in disability talent as research shows morale and standards boostAnne Mather, Sunday Tasmanian, 26 June 2016
They are a talent pool offering diversity, loyalty and a boost to productivity. A growing body of research is showing that people with a disability are ideal workers who raise the morale and standards of an entire workplace ...

Deaths in disability care ‘must be tackled’
Sean Parnell, The Australian, 28 June 2016
Pressure is mounting for a ­national surveillance system that might reveal and ultimately reduce the number of avoidable deaths in disability care ...

Confronting the Whitewashing Of Disability: Interview with #DisabilityTooWhite Creator Vilissa Thompson
Sarah Blahovec, Huffington Post, 28 June 2016
A new hashtag campaign has been making waves in the disability community and facilitating dialogue about how we see disability. #DisabilityTooWhite, a hashtag started by disability activist and blogger Vilissa Thompson, has been starting discussions in the disability community regarding the media visibility and representation of disabled people of color ...

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