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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

New statistics on incidence and prevalence of Down syndrome in the USA

Posts and pages linking to statistics about birth incidence and population prevalence of Down syndrome are popular on this blog, probably most often accessed by students.  A permanent link is located in the list at the top of this page. But it is more important that we know how many people have Down syndrome so that appropriate and sufficient supports can be planned for. This interesting new paper adds to information about people with Down syndrome living in the USA:

Study estimates numbers of people with Down syndrome in the US since 1950
Mass General News (Massachusetts General Hospital), 8 September 2016
A new study has estimated, for the first time, the numbers of people with Down syndrome in the U.S., from 1950 until 2010. The total number arrived at by the investigation, which also is the first to break down its findings by ethnic group, is considerably less than previously estimated by several organizations ...

Estimation of the number of people with Down syndrome in the United States
Gert de Graaf, Frank Buckley and Brian G. Skotko, Genetics in Medicine (2016). Published online 08 September 2016
  • The abstract is free online, access to the full text of the article requires purchase. 
Down Syndrome Education International (where Frank Buckley is CEO) has published a brief fact sheet distilling the numbers from the new research paper, to answer a series of questions about changes:

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