Thursday, 8 September 2016


Phone app connects people with disabilities to carers with shared interests
Jodie Noce, 7.30 (ABC TV), 29 August 2016
Every day, hundreds of thousands of Australians with disabilities have to welcome strangers into their homes to help them meet their everyday needs, sometimes even for really personal things like showering or getting dressed. 

Now a new app is hoping to make that not just a business exchange but instead, a meeting of kindred spirits. It's matching carers and clients based not only on needs but also on interests and passions ...

Supporting informed decision making: something every direct support professional should do!
Joseph M Macbeth, Carol Britton Laws and Perry Samowitz, Service, Support and Success, Vol 5, Issue 9, September 2016
Each day, direct support professionals support scores of thousands of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities whose needs and desires are as multiple and varied as is their number. Central to this effort is a vast direct support workforce whose members have diverse ethnic, racial and educational backgrounds and whose different life experiences shape what they bring to the job. Our personal beliefs and values certainly guide each of us in our personal lives, but it gets really tricky once we enter our place of work because what we believe is “right or wrong” and what the person we support believes is “right or wrong” is often quite different ...

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