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Friday, 16 September 2016

Weekend reading and viewing: 17 - 18 September 2016

'He was sitting there reading his book': Rescuers share joyful moment missing boy found
Cameron Baud, Yahoo7, 14 September 2016
Two men who were among hundreds of volunteers searching for missing Victorian boy Ben Dean have described the joyful moment they found the six-year-old reading his book in the bush ...

A Letter to Myself on the Day I Found Out My Daughter Has Down Syndrome
Amy Silverman, Seleni, 9 September 2016
When my newborn daughter was diagnosed with Down syndrome, I had no idea what to expect. I was sure of just one thing: My life was over. Ditto for my husband and our older daughter. I was completely lost, and it took me years to find my way. Looking back, the cliché "if I'd only known then what I know now…" resonates more than I would have thought possible. That realization prompted me to write a letter to my 36-year-old self – that scared woman with a tiny baby and a lot to learn. Now standing on the brink of 50, I realize I really am older and wiser. And very, very lucky ...

We need to talk about Bella
Daily Dose of Bella, 15 September 2016
... we need to talk about Bella, but we don’t, we really really don’t. We need to talk about the ethical debate around NIPT (non-invasive prenatal testing) and how the results of screening are delivered to parents ...

Dominating The Down Syndrome Swimming World Champs
John Beckworth, Coaching Life, 24 August 2016
... Phoebe is now one of several swimmers in my program who have either Down Syndrome or a physical disability. They are not trained differently – Phoebe is trained with my national squad and is expected to do everything that they do, except in speed of swimming. My coaching style adapts to the needs of the person I’m working with, whether they learn at different rates or in different styles ...

Judge orders civil trial in death of 26-year-old with Down syndrome

Theresa Vargas, Washington Post, 9 September 2016
A federal judge in Maryland ruled Friday that a lawsuit against three Frederick County sheriff’s deputies will move forward to ­trial, allowing a jury to decide whether their actions led to the death of a young man with Down syndrome ...

How labels didn’t stop a family from achieving full inclusion for son with developmental disability
Janice Fialka, Stateside (Michigan Radio), 7 September 2016 (Podcast 14 m 19s)
... (the family) launched themselves on a mission to prove that labels and IQ tests are not true measures of someone's ability to be valuable to the world, to contribute, to learn ...

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