Friday, 27 January 2017

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Emily Crockford's Sydney Opera House
by Night
is in the gallery, and is for sale.

3DN Art Gallery featuring Artists with an Intellectual Disability Launched
15 September 2016
We are proud to announce the launch of the 3DN Art Gallery. Professor Julian Trollor revealed the online gallery at the NSW CID annual conference in Sydney on Thursday 15 September 2016. The gallery presents the works of artists with an intellectual disability whose pieces are featured in 3DN’s resources ...
  • 3DN art gallery
  • 3DN is the Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry at the University of NSW

Radical Beauty Project (UK)
Launched September 2016
Radical Beauty is about challenging opinions and understandings of beauty in contemporary culture. It is a fashion and art photography project blurring boundaries between disciplines, and working to provide an alternative vision for beauty today. 
Engaging with 40 + renowned fashion and art photographers globally, this project features only models with Down's syndrome. These models are stylised as objects of desire, beauty and worth, and all shoots are undertaken with the same dedication, talent and creativity as major fashion campaigns.

Accessible Events - Riverside Theatres Parramatta
All events at Riverside Theatres have a standard level of access. The events listed on this page have specific access points eg AUSLAN interpretation, Audio Description, Tactile Tours, Open Captions, and/or Relaxed Performances.
  • Beyond the Square Workshops - Riverside Theatre’s Beyond the Square drama program offers participants creative outlets, personal and social exploration, and skills development.
Jessica Anderson, Baltimore Sun, 14 January 2017
After Ethan Saylor's death in 2013, many families in the Down syndrome community say they tended to avoid movie theaters, but a film festival opening in Annapolis this weekend aims to change that.
... "A lot of us have avoided the movies because of [Saylor's death]. This gives us a chance to take back our joy," said Stephanie Holland, organizer of the Ethan Saylor Memorial Film Festival, which features works created by or about those with Down syndrome ...

Michael Ranic, Univerity Affairs, 5 December 2016
Ryerson’s Eliza Chandler looks for what culture can do for disability that legislation can’t ... Dr. Chandler’s teaching practice and research as an assistant professor at Ryerson University’s school of disability studies is more interested in the ways cultural production furthers disability rights. “We need access to art galleries, and art studios, access to being understood as desirable, sexual – all of these things that can’t be protected by a human rights framework,” she says ...

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