Friday, 6 January 2017

Weekend reading and viewing: 7 - 8 January 2017

The aging of the population with Down syndrome is a positive sign
Brian Skotko, Stat News, 4 January 2016... The most valuable resource that programs like ours have for improving the lives of people with Down syndrome are individuals like Ben and Kristin. No one can completely attest to a life with Down syndrome unless they are actually experiencing it ...
Disability and Media: Inspiration Matters
David Perry, How Did We Get Into This Mess, 20 December 2016
Here's a nice story about Craig Blackburn, a man with Down syndrome who plays Santa. It could so easily veer fully onto the Inspiration Porn side of the disability news spectrum (it's not an either/or), and the title does go that way. "Metairie man with Down syndrome spreads cheer now and throughout the year" suggests that the story will be about how people feel about the man, rather than centering him ...

Brave mum shares why she almost gave up rare tins with Down syndrome
Julia Jensen,, 21 December 2016
... Because of Julie’s age, she knew that the likelihood of having multiples or a child with Down syndrome would be greater, but she never expected both to happen ... According to the US National Down syndrome Society, by the time a woman is 40 years old, her chances of having a baby with Down syndrome are 1 in 100. But the chances of having non-identical twins like Milo and Charlie is nearly 14 in a million ...

Down’s syndrome: more of an identity than a disease? How a mother taught me more about Down’s syndrome than any lecture
George Gillett, Student BMJ, 20 December 2016
... As a student, my only encounters with Down’s syndrome had been in lecture theatres and textbooks. My revision notes featured more information about investigations, diagnosis, and management than any human experience of the condition. I would have found it easier to recall that 90% of Down’s syndrome pregnancies end in termination than to give the name of someone I had met with the condition ...

Punk Therapy (audio file, podcast and transcript)
Emma Tracey, Ouch Talk Show (BBC)  21 December 2016
What do you when you’ve turned 18 or finished formal education if you’ve got learning disabilities? Electric Umbrella sought a solution and wound up with an amazing Christmas single, and they’re here on a quest to make Christmas As A Punk number one ...

A brother's loving film about his sister with Down syndrome: Kelly's Hollywood
Love That Max, 21 December 2016
As parents, we do our best to make our children happy, which includes indulging their interests/obsessions. Over the years, Dave and I have bought a whole lot of purple objects for Max during his purple phase, taken him repeatedly through car washes during his car wash phase, and basically camped out at our local fire house so he could hang with the guys ever since he decided he was going to be a firefighter.

Of course, this aim to please isn't limited to moms and dads, as a new documentary beautifully shows. Directed by Brian Donovan, Kelly's Hollywood tells the story of his sister's aspirations to become an L.A. diva, and his drive to make it happen. Kelly has all the makings of a Hollywood character—she's funny, charming and people are drawn to her. She also happens to have Down syndrome ...

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