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News and commentary on the NDIS (61)

Miki Perkins, The Age, 14 January 2017
There was a spa bath in the cabin, the beach close by and a glass of bubbles in hand (soft drink only of course). Their days were filled with sun, ice cream and conversation; the exquisite, ordinary pleasures of a weekend away ...

Concern about NDIS in remote areas as fewer than half of NT participants receive support payments
Jacqueline Breen, ABC News, 30 December 2016
Fewer than half of Northern Territorians eligible for funded support under the National Disability Insurance Scheme have had payments made against their plan, prompting renewed questions about the scheme's workings in remote areas ...
Naomi Woodley, ABC News, 24 December 2016
The inaugural chair of the agency running the National Disability Insurance Scheme has emphasised the importance of his board's independence and experience in the disability sector, as he prepares to leave the role ...

Sector Disappointed as NDIA Given Corporate Makeover
Wendy Williams, Probono News, 6 January 2016
The disability sector has expressed “disappointment” after a number of “corporate heavyweights” have been appointed to lead the National Disability Insurance Scheme in place of those with lived experience ...
Houston, we have some problems
Disability Services Consulting, 30 December 2016
... The 12 months between now and December 2017 will see the NDIS tested on just about every front as the transition to full scheme becomes real. Not only does the NDIA have to complete plans for a staggering 100,000 people with disability. But the NDIA will do this while managing through a mess of in-kind arrangements handed to them by the Commonwealth and States, an overly strict cap on their own staffing, as well as building a new program to help over one million Australians with disability or who are carers.

Despite the NDIA creating a rod for their own backs from time to time (eg. the removal of the float for self-managed participants), the NDIA deserve our patience and goodwill as they try and deliver the near impossible in 2017 ...

Myth busting and choosing to self-manage on the NDIS
Hire-Up, 8 December 2016
We often hear that finding clear, straight-forward information about choosing to self-manage on the NDIS can sometimes be tricky. This is largely because there are so many ways to self-manage on the NDIS and how a person arranges their supports depends on what they want to achieve ...
Libby Ellis, InCharge, 10 December 2016
This is the sixth post in our blog series about some of the common confusions and inconsistencies we’ve heard from people coming out of NDIS planning meetings ...

... Another confusion we’ve come across is around Plan Management and Supports Coordination. To recap on what these things are, plan management is one of the three ways you can manage your NDIS funds. With plan management, you have the flexibility to pay for both registered and unregistered providers with your NDIS funds ... Supports Coordination (or ‘Coordination of Supports’) is when someone helps you to implement your plan, to get started and find services and supports in your local community. If you receive supports co-ordination, it is a separately funded part of your Plan ... 
Linda Reynolds (Senator, WA), Huffington Post, 22 December 2016
As we prepare to spend Christmas with our family and friends, I ask all Australians to consider the plight of 6,200 younger people who will spend the holiday living in an aged-care facility rather than at home with their loved ones. A distressing situation, which need not be this way ... Research into the matter is clear - young people who live long-term in aged care facilities experience declining emotional, physical and mental health. But no one needs the research to tell us that ... Young people in nursing homes are subject to the same income and assets assessments relating to government assistance as other elderly residents. This can mean that a young person is up to $1,000 worse off per fortnight than if they were part of the NDIS ...

Ten Years of Progress (video 1m 50s)
NDIS, 1 December 2016

... Ten years ago, people with disability in Australia really only had access to a broken system.... The last ten years, what’s changed for people with disabilities is the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was adopted and has now been ratified by 168 countries around the world. We’ve had the campaign for the NDIS, and that’s really brought disability far more to the centre of the conversation. We’re rolling out a scheme that’s based on the principle that people should get what they need, when they need it.

... So we have to change those community attitudes and I think that’s the responsibility of everyone in the community to do that ...


The official NDIS website provides access to documents, and up to date information about how the NDIS works, and NDIS events such as local workshops and webinars.

NDIS and Me
People with Down syndrome and/or their families and carers can join the closed Facebook Group, NDIS and Me, for discussion specifically about the NDIS and people with Down syndrome.

Disability Loop - a way to find out more about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Disability Loop is a project funded by the NDIS. It is run by, and for, people with disability and their allies.

Two other closed Facebook groups (only members can see the posts) that you might find useful for answering particular queries are:
  • NDIS Grassroots Discussion - a large group run for and by people with all kinds of disabilities, and welcoming of carers - the administrators are very experienced in managing discussions that can become robust at times, as criticism of the NDIS is raised
  • the newer and smaller I Love NDIS aims to promote discussion of individual's successes in putting their plans together and implementing them.

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