Monday, 27 June 2016

New book releases

Entwined, by Joyce Wallace Scott, is due to be released 28 June 2016

Judith Scott, despite the challenges of Down syndrome, profound deafness, and thirty-five years of institutionalization has recently been hailed as "One of the most important artists of the twentieth century”, and through television and the press, her mythic journey from dark institutional anonymity to international acclaim has attracted widespread public attention.

In Entwined, Joyce Wallace Scott takes us on a powerful voyage of self-discovery through her twin sister’s silent world, providing a moving account of their shared childhood, in which may lie the origins of Judith’s latent creative genius. It is an epic story of love and determination; of vulnerability and powerlessness; of disability and genius ...
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Finding a Way, by Graeme Innes, former Australian Disability Rights Commissioner
... after a long and successful career – from lawyer to company director to Human Rights Commissioner – he has written his story. Finding a Way shares his memories of love and support, of challenges and failures, and of overcoming the discrimination so many people with disabilities face ... read more here
Book launch in Sydney 19 July 2016 in Sydney - tickets

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