Monday, 13 June 2016

People with Down syndrome ... doing what matters to them

Harry Fairchild is the world’s first person with Down’s syndrome to officially qualify as a table tennis coach
Down's Syndrome Association (UK), 8 June 2016
Harry Fairchild recently passed his Table Tennis England Level 1 Coaching Qualification to become the world’s first qualified table tennis coach with Down’s syndrome ...

Photographer preparing for international competition
Dunedin Television (NZ), 7 June 2016
A Dunedin man with an an eye for a great picture is off to London for an international photography competition. 25 year old Carlos Biggemann lives with Down's Syndrome, something that hasn't stopped him pursuing everything he wants in life ...
Strong voice supporting people’s abilities: My Job - Declan Murphy
John Daly, The Irish Examiner
... Going to Trinity and experiencing independent college life was both challenging and engaging for Declan, just the same as thousands of other students: “I loved going to university. Sometimes the work was hard, but I did like the subjects. College life was the best part, it was a great experience to live in Dublin. At the weekends, I got the bus home to Waterford and the train back up to Dublin on Sunday nights. I think it changed me as a person. I got to do my own thing. I had a lot of responsibility to be independent. I was able to prove to people that I could look after myself.” ...

As a person with a disability, Camp Ekon changed my life
Peter Flagler, Toronto Star, 30 May 2016
I knew from my first week at Camp Ekon that it would be my summer home for years to come.

Camp Ekon is the best thing that has ever happened to me, because as a person born with Down syndrome, camp has given me a chance to experience the outdoors, be involved in a camp environment and be a member of an amazing staff ...

Down syndrome couple's love story captures hearts with more than 12 million views on social media
Ashleigh Stevenson, ABC News, 28 May 2016
A young Queensland couple with Down syndrome say they are overwhelmed about the reaction to their love story, which has resonated with people around the world. The ABC's story about Michael Cox and Taylor Anderton's journey to attend a debutante ball for people with disabilities on the Gold Coast has had more than 12 million views on social media ...

Meet the 14-year-old athlete with Down syndrome inspiring others to take up sport
Sarah Keaveny-Vos, CBC News Prince Edward Island, 2 June 2016
'I feel like I've become an athlete. I just want to say I'm really so happy'. Jacob MacNeill, a Grade 8 student at Birchwood Intermediate, has a need for speed. ...

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