Friday, 24 June 2016

Weekend reading and viewing: 25 - 26 June 2016

Carlos Gonzalez Paired Up with Marcus Sikora for a Home-Run with the Global Down Syndrome Foundation
Mardra Sikora, Huffington Post, 15 June 2016... there have been those who proclaim labels and then paste them upon him. Labels that, at times, covered the best parts of him. There were, and are, people who only see those labels that put him in a box. A box where he “belongs” in order to fit into the space they want to allot him. A box to keep chances out. A box to contain.

The thing about Marcus is: he doesn’t fit into their box ...

'We fell in love': relationships and people with learning disabilities – in pictures
(UK) Guardian, 20 June 2016
A study conducted by Mencap earlier this year found that one in three young people with a learning disability spent less

Respondents to the survey listed fears including bullying, being laughed at and getting lost as being key concerns when leaving the house. As a result, it can be difficult for people with learning disabilities to build relationships with others.

To celebrate Learning Disability Week, here are some ways that people have found love and friendship through charity programmes.

Queenslanders pool their talents
Gold Coast Titans, 22 June 2016
State of Origin II will attract massive interest tonight at Suncorp Stadium but a few kilometres down the M1 motorway a special Origin event took place today.

Four NSW-eligible Titans – Luke Douglas, Tyrone Roberts, Lachlan Burr and Ryan James – took on four young Queensland swimmers with Down syndrome, who are off to Italy next month to compete in the Trisome Games, in a 4 X 50m freestyle relay.

And it’s all part of the Aquis Gold Coast Titans’ support of Down Syndrome Association Queensland (DSAQ) and the young athletes who will be taking part in the Trisome Games world championships in Florence from 16-22 July ...

Mum wins fight to keep son with Down syndrome at school
Anna Hartley, Queensland Times, 22 June 2016 (updated 23 June 2016)
After a day of intense meetings with the Queensland Department of Education and school leaders, Purga mother Ruth Christodoulou can proudly say her twin boys can stay together. Earlier this week Ms Christodoulou voiced her concerns after her son was "pressured" to leave his state school due to his disability ...

Janet Shouse, Tenessee Works, 1 June 2016
... The dignity of risk is an idea that I encountered when my son with autism was in elementary school. The dignity of risk is the right to take risks when engaging in life experiences, and the right to fail in those activities. I think all of us who are parents want to protect our children from physical harm as well as emotional harm ...

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