Wednesday, 15 June 2016

People with Down syndrome on screen and stage

WTHS graduate to appear on ABC's 'What Would You Do?', 9 June 2016
Fans of the popular ABC show "What Would You Do?" will have a chance to see the talents of Peter Brodzinski in action. The 2005 Washington Township High School graduate, who has Down syndrome, successfully auditioned for an acting role in the upcoming season premiere of the show, which is slated to air on June 17 at 9 p.m. on the (US) network.

Brodzinski, who studied chorus and drama and participated in musicals and talent shows while at WTHS, was selected for an audition thanks to the help of his agent, Gail Williamson, from KMR Associates out of Los Angeles. In the upcoming episode, which is hosted by ABC news correspondent John Quinones, Brodzinski plays a grocery store employee with Down syndrome who is bullied by customers (played by actors) ...
'My abilities go beyond the condition'
Sarah Carabott, Times of Malta, 7 June 2016
"Before being a person with Down’s syndrome, I am a person," film protagonist Simone Brescianini told a preview in Milan when asked about his condition.

“I cannot delete Down’s syndrome from my life, but my abilities go beyond the condition,” he told a 330-strong audience ahead of his trip to Malta for this year’s Valletta Film Festival.

Mr Brescianini is the protagonist of a short film shot in Malta, ... Altrove - Elsewhere, the 18-minute film takes viewers beyond Down’s syndrome. It follows a 24-year-old during a visit to Malta in 2014, as he discusses food, love and everything that is fun ...

Causing A RUCKUS: The Artists Smashing Stereotypes About Disability
Liam McLoughlin, New Matilda, 8 June 2016
A moment of abuse became a flash of inspiration ... Gerard O’Dwyer was just trying to do his job when he was publicly humiliated.

  • 'Speed of Life' images - RUCKUS Ensemble has posted an excellent gallery of photos by Heidrun Lohr, from their second major production 'Speed of Life' at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists in May 2016.
NDSC Film Expert Reviews X-Men: Apocalypse
Chess Mitchell, (US) National Down Syndrome Congress, 13 June 2016
... Even better than I expected and better than the earlier ones.  Final thoughts from Chess on the movie: Teamwork is the key to being successful X-Men.

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