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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Library Thursdays: The New Social Story Book

Carol Gray developed the Social Stories formula for use with people with autism. These stories are also of great use with people with Down syndrome to help understand social expectations, learn new skills, and work through difficult situations or concepts. It has been 10 years since Carol Gray published her first Social Story book and the library has just received the anniversary edition of the New Social Story Book.
There are over 150 stories in this book plus a detailed tutorial at the front to tell you how to write your own. There is also a CD with the stories and pictures in the book in PDF format so that you can print some out and there are also the stories with words only in Word format so that you can customise them for your child and add your own pictures.
The stories cover the following subjects: Change, Mistakes, Me and My Feelings, Celebrations and Gifts, People Skills and Friendship, Bullying: What to Think, Say and Do, Understanding Adults, Home and Community, School and Planet Earth. Some of the stories are: "Mistakes can happen on a good day", "We're going to a big family party", "Thanking people for the nice things that they say", "How to lose a game and win friends", "It may not be fun but it has to be done", "Taking a shower in ten steps", and "When my teacher is somewhere else".
It is a good collection and will make it easier to create the stories you need for your situation.

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