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Monday, 11 March 2013

Low muscle tone and infant feeding - questions and answers

Jennifer Bekins follows up her recent Talk - Down syndrome post Pre-feeding Exercises for Children with DS: A must? with an excellent discussion on low muscle tone and infant feeding: 

Does low-tone mean my infant will have feeding problems?
Since my post on pre-feeding exercises I’ve had some really good questions.
  • What do you do for tongue thrust?
  • What about drooling?
  • How do you address low-tone and feeding? Exercises?
I want to take time and answer all of these, but today I will focus on low-tone, feeding, and children with DS ... read on here, at Talk - Down syndrome

Edited 15/3/2013 to add:
Today Jennifer has reprised and updated an older post on bottle feeding babies with Down syndrome - an excellent companion piece to the post on low tone and infant feeding -  Bottle feeding a baby with Down syndrome.

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