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Thursday, 18 July 2013

News, commentary and resources related to the NDIS (DisabilityCare Australia) (4)

DisabilityCare Australia on Facebook
There is now an official DisabilityCare Australia Facebook page, that you can subscribe to by 'liking' it.  You can ask questions and leave comments.
  • Please note that there is another Facebook 'personal' page, established by an unidentified individual, confusingly called Disabilitycare Australia, - it is NOT the official page and cannot speak on behalf of DisabilityCare Australia.
This website has been developed by Disability Advocacy Network Australia Limited (DANA) to support advocacy for people with disabilities in connection with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). DANA is committed to the vision of an Australia that includes and values people with disabilities and respects human rights for all. Thoughtful use of NDIS funded services and supports can make a strong contribution to achieving this vision.

Early Intervention transition to NDIS - Frequently Asked Questions
The Department of Families, Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs has published a helpful FAQ about Better Start for Children with Disability (Better Start) and Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) transition to DisabilityCare Australia.

Dr George Taleporos, Ramp Up, 15th July 2013
DisabilityCare Australia shifts the power out of the hands of disability service providers and into the hands of people with disabilities. Dr George Taleporos looks forward to the time when people with disabilities are transformed from victims of a captive market into savvy consumers who can shop around. 

Different approach needed to develop disability care in Indigenous communities
Anthony Stewart, ABC News, 15th July 2013
Damian Griffis from the First Peoples Disability Network discusses the difficulties of developing disability care in Indigenous communities.
Karen Keast, Nursing Careers Allied Health, 9th July 2013
... “It will be business as usual in most cases (with the roll out), however better funding for participants of DCA may mean that some physios will see an increased number of clients with a disability, or an increase in inquiries on treating conditions associated with a disability,”...

NDIS launch delayed in ACT
Business Spectator, 16th July, 2013
The launch of the national disability insurance scheme (NDIS) in the ACT has been delayed by a year due to fears providers may be unable to cope with the new model, according to The Australian.

Disability Care
Kate Strohm, Siblings Australia (blog), 30th June 2013
...who is likely to have the longest relationship with the person with a disability? And who is likely to play a significant role in the social and emotional wellbeing of the person with a disability over a lifetime? Siblings, of course, but they don't rate anywhere in policy. The nature of the sibling relationship, not as 'carers' but as brothers and sisters, is a huge factor in both siblings being able to have a 'good life'. We need to ensure that early intervention or other services do all they can to nurture and strengthen the relationship between siblings.

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