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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Weekend reading and viewing: 13th - 14th July 2013

Picking Rocks
Jen Logan, Down wit dat, 8th July 2013
I started out thinking that I could try to change a few minds and that would help create a world that was more receptive to people like Wyatt. I wanted to help build ... (a) world where the phrase "my son has Down syndrome" would not automatically generate uncomfortable looks, apologies or awkward exclamations of sentimental rubbish. Lately, I've been preoccupied with the subject of ableism and how it impacts my son. Western culture is rife with it. It is buried, deep within the rhetoric, deep within the language that we use to share our opinions to one another. 

BCTC graduate is a role model for us all
Merlene Davis, Lexington Herald-Leader, 11th May 2013
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There will be more than 2,100 students graduating from the Bluegrass Community & Technical College Sunday, having earned a certificate, an associate's degree or diploma that they hope will lead to a better future. Among them will be honor graduate Megan McCormick, a highly motivated woman who will be receiving an associate's degree in education in hopes of landing a full-time job and independence.

When families fail parents of children with special needsMaureen Wallace, SheKnows - Parenting, 11th July 2013
... For many reasons, some family members may choose to withdraw from their relationship with a parent of a child with special needs or — probably worse — remain a part of their world but punctuate time together with crass, thoughtless and sometimes incredibly painful comments and questions.

DisabilityCare: getting down to businessAlex Varley, Ramp Up, 8 Jul 2013 
At the DisabilityCare Australia conference last month, there was a lot of talk of empowerment. For the first time, people with disability under 65 years of age would be able to shop around for services ... I was caught up in the enthusiasm and sense of a great change, but as it went on I felt there was something missing.

Two Women and What They Did
Dave Hingsburger, Rolling Around in My Head, 11th July 2013
We all slumped into our seats. Early morning classes are loved by no one. The professor strode in with a canister under his arm. There was a slight buzz, it wasn't excited anticipation that we were going to see a movie, it was mutual relief that we'd be able to nap for a half hour or so. We didn't nap ...

Schoolyard Bullies Will Learn From Coalition Ads
Stephanie Gotlib,, 9th July 2013
Politicians need to lead by example – and making fun of people with signs of speech impairment is hardly the way to guide changes to community attitudes about disability ...

Every school should be inclusive
Sue Buckley, 23rd June 2013
An inclusive school recognises that some 20% of the general education students will have additional educational needs during their school career before we begin to think of students with IEPs or Statements of Special Educational Needs.

Heather Irish, The Scotsman, 2nd July 2013
... people with Down’s syndrome all have different personalities just like everyone else. They also have different interests and their fashion senses differ just like everyone else. These truths are subtly showcased in a new short film that was featured in the recent Edinburgh International Film Festival. Review of the film Rainbow Connection, including a link to the short online version.

Callie Watson, AdelaideNow, 18th June 2013
Teresa Tidswell's dedication to karate has won her a legion of fans in Adelaide's north. The 31-year-old has earned a black belt, and is believed to be the first Australian with Down syndrome to achieve one of karate's most advanced qualifications ... "Having a black belt means a lot," she said. "You bet I'm proud. It's been a lot of hard work."

Disability and Retirement: inclusive and active ageing
Download presentations from this seminar hosted by the Centre for Disability Research and Policy (University of Sydney), on 14 June 2013 

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