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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Disability Support Pension review - an analysis

Please note that the figures given in this article refer to the review of eligibility of some people receiving the Disability Support Pension proposed in the 2014-2015 Federal budget, not the interim report of the reference group reviewing welfare on behalf of the government. It is an analysis of when current DSP recipients are reviewed, and the outcome of those reviews under current provisions, conducted by ABC News:

Fact Check: Is the disability support pension a 'set and forget' payment?
ABC News (online), 5th August 2014
ABC Fact Check takes a look whether people are put on the disability pension and forgotten, irrespective of their long-term ability to work.
  • The claim: (Social Services Minister) Kevin Andrews says the disability support pension is a 'set and forget' payment.
  • The verdict: For some recipients, the disability pension could be a 'set and forget' payment, but there is also evidence to suggest some people are not reviewed because they have a long-term disability and cannot work. There's more to the story.

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