Tuesday, 5 August 2014

People with Down syndrome in the media

Disability self-advocates optimistic about NDIS
RN Breakfast (ABC), 4th August 2014 (9m 18s audio file)
Strengthening Disability Advocacy', a conference aimed at providing self-advocacy skills to those with intellectual disabilities, gets underway today in Melbourne and three people heading to the conference join us this morning.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is being rolled out and the government has foreshadowed tightening eligibility to the disability pension, the Disability Discrimination Commissioner has had his position axed and disability advocacy groups enter their final year of contracted funding.

What can't be taken away is the new voice people with disability have in the public space -- a demand for the right to be heard.

Interview with: Diana Khouri, Tara Elliffe, Tom Maxwell - disability self-advocates, on their way to the Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference 4 - 5th August

Marta and Mauro: story of a Down’s syndrome wedding
Ilaria Lonigro, West, 22nd July 2014
His daughter’s wedding was the first marriage in Italy between two members of the Italian Down’s Syndrome Association (AIPD). Luigi is the father of 30-year-old Marta, who tied the knot on 6 July with her fiancĂ©e Mauro, who is 40. Both have Down’s syndrome, and are now on their honeymoon in southern Italy until September ...  "I relived all her little great achievements. It was the sweetest feeling.”

Bosphorus no challenge for man with Down’s Syndrome
Mesuder Ersan, The Daily News (Turkey), 30th July 2014
Swimming 5.5 kilometers from Europe to Asia is now business-as-usual for Caner Ekin, a 32-year-old with Down’s Syndrome, who has managed to cross the Bosphorus for the fourth time in a rare tour de force of a human’s willpower ...

Women With Down Syndrome Respond to God’s Call
Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace, 26th July 2014
... the Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb, a contemplative order in France ... opens its doors to women who feel a call to religious life, but who may be turned away from other orders because they have Down syndrome ...

Chicago-area teen with Down syndrome sharpens his focus with photography
Elizabeth Diffin, Chicago Parent, 23rd July 2014
... Miles ... has gone through a number of photography “phases” over the years, including store signs, feet, and—like any teenager—selfies. But Miles’ ability to see beauty in even mundane things, like a box of watermelons at Trader Joe’s, is where Miles really excels ...

Living life to the fullest with Down syndrome
Karyn Odway, Advocate Health Care eNews, 14th July 2014
Anthony Coppola’s family describes him as an exercise enthusiast. A man with Down syndrome, this 26-year-old runs and bikes daily and moves to the music in a weekly Zumba class. If that isn’t enough, he watches his caloric intake and makes healthy food choices – grabbing for fruits and vegetables instead of chips, bread and sweet treats – each and every day.

Anthony’s life today looks much different than it did seven years ago when he weighed an additional 70 pounds.

Inspirational restaurateur Tim Harris to get reality show
Regina Ruiz, KOAT7 (ABC), 14th July 2014
The show, "Everybody Loves Tim," will explore the life of Harris who achieved his dream of opening a restaurant in the Duke City. Tim's Place is known for its signature friendly service, which often includes free hugs from the owner himself ...

The parish councillor with Down's syndrome
BBC News Magazine, 8 July 2014
Stephen Green, 49, is one of just a handful of parish councillors with a learning disability in the United Kingdom. Elected onto Nuthall Parish Council in Nottinghamshire last year, Green has Down's syndrome and his dad, Grenville Green, assists him to be an active member of the community ...

Popcorn Company Gives Boy With Down Syndrome Valuable Life Experience
Matt Vaughan, KoloTV, 9th July 2014
Popcorn is not only tasty, but it's easy to make. That's why Dave and Diana Rovetti thought it would be the perfect business model for their son Jack, and decided to open a Doc Popcorn franchise. The 15 year-old Reno High sophomore has down syndrome, but he doesn't let that get in the way of the things he wants to do. He stays actively involved in school while juggling the responsibilities that come with his new job.

"I make a little money, and I do my popcorn. I'm really busy right now," he says.

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