Thursday, 7 August 2014

Proposal for online cooking support project

Look, Cook, Eat is running a Kickstarter campaign, until 29th August. It is planned for US delivery only, but the concept might well take off elsewhere, too. Worth a look if you are into planning for a more independent life for someone with Down syndrome or other intellectual disability. One to keep an eye on:
Look, Cook, and Eat is a digital how-to cooking magazine designed for those with intellectual disabilities, to help promote an independent lifestyle. 
Subscribers to LCE will pay a yearly subscription fee (much like some newspapers; likely in the $20 to $25 range). With their subscription they'll receive menus each month that can be viewed on their iPad, tablet, or PC. Each menu (which could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner) will be divided into three components and each component will be broken down into what to buy, tools to use, and three short videos (each less than a minute long). 
The material will be presented largely as images and videos--there will be very few words (in the event that reading is difficult). There will be audio voice overs of ingredients and tools to help identify items, and the videos will be able to be easily stopped and started for those who want to cook following the video.

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