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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Good story, well told

It's easy to find fault with the ways people with Down syndrome and other disabilities are presented and represented in the media - we have aired our share of criticism, and will continue to do so. 

Alexander Darling's recent article in the Sunday Age, and Simon O'Dwyer's accompanying photos of Phoebe Mitchell's preparation for the 2015 City2Sea to be held in Melbourne in November, lift the bar considerably.

Phoebe speaks for herself about her race preparation, her previous achievements are acknowledged, and her mother adds some information about how some of the physical manifestations of Down syndrome impact running. Not a mention of 'overcoming Down syndrome', or of 'inspiration' - just how Phoebe gets on with her training, illustrated with excellent photos of an athlete looking as though she has been working hard, sweating, looking fit, focussed and determined, doing what she has to do to compete in such an event, in a beautiful setting. The support she has is acknowledged, but not lionised.

Phoebe is representing and raising funds for Down Syndrome Victoria, with none others. All the best, Phoebe and the DSV team. Thanks to the Sunday Age for a good story, well told. 

Go and look and those photos.

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