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Thursday, 22 October 2015

People with Down syndrome ... being themselves, individually

Individual, personal stories told wherever stories are told in 2015 - on social media, in newspapers, through workplaces and community institutions have a different role, and are just as important as broad campaigns. Sometimes they are more important ...

A box is a box by any other name….
Alex McAuley, The Life That Max Built, 19th October 2015
... Max has risen to the challenge of living away from home brilliantly. He has shown us that he is more than capable of managing his own life as long as we ensure that the right supports are in place. So this brings me to my story ...

Down Syndrome Blessings
Jodi Myers, True North, 21st October 2015
I wish I knew then what I know now. These last twenty-five years have been nothing short of amazing. Let me take this opportunity to tell you about our daughter ...

Down Syndrome not getting in her way
Emma James, Waikoto Times, 20th October 2015
Cycling is just one of Courtney Duncan's favourite hobbies, and it is something she does well ...

#SeeTheAbilitySunday with Nick
Voices at the Table, 11th October 2015
“I was recently asked to give some advice to other people with Down syndrome? My answer was,
“When you have a goal, don’t quit, even if it takes more than one shot.”

I want to talk a little more about not giving up ... I wanted to apply to Campus For All because some of my friends were there, including my girlfriend. They all said, “Just get in. It’s great!” The first time I applied, I went for an interview but I didn’t get in. I didn’t really know why and that was that. I was disappointed but I knew that I would try again ...

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